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The Fuel Angel Misfuelling Prevention Device replaces the existing filler cap and, once fitted, prevents you from accidentally putting a petrol nozzle into a diesel filler neck

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Fitting Instructions

The Fuel Angel Misfuel Prevention Device is very easy to install. You will not need any special tools or training. Just follow these simple steps to ensure that you never misfuel your diesel vehicle.

  1. Open the fuel filler flap.
  2. Remove existing fuel cap from the filler neck. If a tether retains the existing fuel cap, unclip the tether from the filler cap. Put the original filler cap to one side.
  3. Remove the new filler cap from the MPD.
  4. Insert the MPD into the filler neck and use the tool provied to securely tighten the MPD. We recommend using a torque of 12Nm +/- 2Nm
  5. If fitted, attach the tether to the new filler cap.
  6. Fit the new filler cap onto the MPD.
  7. Close the filler flap.

Please note that if you select the unleaded fuel pump at the filling station and attempt to fuel your diesel vehicle the “MPD” will simply stop the gun from entering the filler neck. Replace the unleaded fuel gun and select the diesel pump. The “MPD” will allow the diesel gun to enter the filler neck and you will be able to dispense fuel as normal.

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